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"Hearts are the fantasy, hips are the reality"

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August 21st, 2008

06:07 pm - New Livejournal
I am now using my new livejournal losing_my_shit I'll pretty much be ignoring this one now so if you have me as a friend under gondorknowsbest  , add me as losing_my_shit
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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August 19th, 2008

06:03 pm - "Do you really think she has a pack of wolves in her basement?"

So my classes are amazing! 
votec is anyway. today we turned on our cameras and took pictures and played around a bit. i did the fangs up and made it all like rainbow, it looks sweet!! i also did some x-ray ones. one of the fangs up and one of my teeth wich looks like a poster for some horror movie lol
the teacher is a cool guy he explaines everything and really takes the time for one on one. we were taking break with some of the IT guys today and he's like "The IT guys are great, get to know them" and then he wispers "Even though their the biggest dorks" lol
all my teachers seem neat except math but i'm sucking it up cuz i have to have it so i'm just sitting in the back taking notes and doing the work.

I just got the new academy is album not sure what i think of it yet i'll get back to you once i've listend to it a few times.

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: BEWARE! COUGAR! - The Academy Is... (william you dirty boy)

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August 10th, 2008

11:01 pm - USA GET GOLD!
Jesus that 4x100 relay!! did anyone see that?!? that was like the most amazing thing i've ever seen! and they beat the world record by 4 SECONDS!! the french were talking crap and now they got to eat it! 

I can't wait to see Phelps swim tomorrow. I've never been one for sports but I actualy am so excited for this!
Current Mood: pleasedproud

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August 7th, 2008

01:36 am

I GOT ACEPTED! I GOT ACEPTED! I GOT ACEPTED! and on aug 18th i will be well on my way to a career in the graphic arts!!!! well maybe not quite all in one day but who cares i got ACEPTED!!! 

In other news Breaking Dawn wasnt worth the however many month wait. :( hopefuly my copy of Gargoyle will be here soon and that will be better. 

p.s. my mom loves Pork & Beans by Weezer! she knows all the words and sings along!?!? lol

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August 1st, 2008

03:16 pm

"People who wear Crocs go on and on about how comfortable they are, and how it's supposedly odor resistant because it's made out of some kind of anti-bacterial foam … You know what else it's resistant to? You getting laid."


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July 31st, 2008

07:14 pm - The Cobra Bowling Leage?
301izbp.jpg picture by rog-marky
Current Mood: ecstaticamazing

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July 30th, 2008

02:10 pm - Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone
What do you want written on your gravestone and why?
Avid swimmer
passionate lover

cuz i'm full of shit in life and i'll be full of it in death

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July 27th, 2008

09:00 pm - I think a moose and a human should never kiss
That^ is a song about Edward Cullen! lmao because Jackie Silva is amazing and I told her I would be number one on the charts with my new song so i had to write something. hahah and just so you know this is all a big joke so don't take it to seriously!

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July 25th, 2008

03:03 pm - Cheese Snoop Dogg?

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July 24th, 2008

07:11 pm - Shoe shopping!
Which shoes will i stroll into school with on the first day? you decide! well i'll really decide but you can look lol

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Katy Perry

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